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  Flutterby.Net is the personal and business site for Dan Lyke and Charlene Marie. Among other things, we do computer software and embedded hardware and firmware.

Current Projects

  We recently built a workshop with a living roof in our back yard, and put some Workshop Pictures, all in one place for your easy viewing pleasure. We also built a Summer Breeze sailboat and boat building has become a little bit of "a thing". And we had a houseguest, Dan and Daniel built a solid body electric guitar. Poking around here will reveal numerous home improvement projects, from re-plumbing to cabinets.

Journal-ish entries

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Random Stuff

Hiking in Marin, Biking in Marin, the long-running Flutterby weblog for less personal things.

Recent Woodworking Projects

See the pages which link to Category: Woodworking.

  Among other things, I built a Rocking Horse for my nephew, and I built a Cord Organizer to organize our cell phone and similar chargers and a chair for my office. Charlene and I built Thank You trays for the awesome people over at Redfin who helped us get our house. More projects coming shortly.