Workshop Pictures

The progress of the workshop, in pictures:

  The foundation trenches dug out

  The rebar laid and tied, and the forms built

  Loren and his assistant pouring concrete

  Alan, my dad and I raise the first wall

  Setting the window headers

  Wall sheathing on

  Layer of 5/8 Type X drywall applied for fire break

  Housewrap applied

  Starting on siding

  And now we're inside, on the electrical

  Siding up, and the preliminary door on.

  Enkadrain layer (over several layers of insulation, rubber and plastic, with the grating to hold the dirt on.

  Insulation in

  Electrical trench dug

  Wallboard up and spackle on

  And wall textured and painted

  Image:2012-01-19WorkshopProgress2.jpg   Image:2012-01-19WorkshopProgress5.jpg   Image:2012-01-19WorkshopProgress6.jpg