10 Mission Drive, Petaluma CA

10 Mission Drive, Petaluma CA 94952 is Dan and Charlene's home.


  • Installed a hot water recirculator.
  • upgraded 2008-05-16 A few more door shots our front door.
  • Added an automatic irrigation system in the front and back.
  • In the process of putting in new kitchen cabinets.
  • Cedar lined closets.
  • New PEX plumbing.
  • Whole house pressure regulator.
  • New wiring, including much higher socket density.
  • Fix the stove fan, add junction box, etc.
  • Mount the tree plate above the kitchen door in the living room, with switch switch installed.
  • Install bedroom lamps. - part of headboard
  • Add lots of sockets and replace under-house wiring

Kitchen Cabinets

  • Over window
  • Over sink
  • Over stove
  • Doors
  • Drawer fronts

Other projects

  • special paint for our bedroom with stars
  • butterflies for gates
  • screen over the gaps in living roof
  • Edge-band and finish/stain fold-down railroad track loop.
  • dishwasher
  • fridge
  • kitchen floor
  • resurface bathtub
  • tile or porcelain shower
  • bathroom cabinet/vanity
  • new mirror
  • bathroom floor
  • 2 armoires for clothes in our room
  • Cherry built-ins for the office
  • replace jack under house with something permanent
  • insulate upstairs and reflective barrier

Yard projects


  • front
  • back
  • side
  • living roof


  • plant california poppies next to house (west side)
  • transplant yarrow and thyme
  • east side of house perenial plants?
  • strawberries in front yard
  • oregano, nasturtium, lemon balm, basil, asparagus,
  • take out dirt and rocks from wine barrels put in herbs


  • De-moss shop door
  • gutters for living roof
  • fix drainage area behind shop
  • bird and cat system for living roof

Installing the tape among the plants is most effective for low crops like strawberries; Monitor your tape to ensure that it holds tightly and does not break. Tape may need to be replaced after 6-8 weeks after the reflective color has faded and the tape no longer crinkles in the wind

  • Back corner fountain/water wheel
  • Fence - east, south, west

Flagstone Replacement for Patio

Replace side walk and back patio with flagstone.

Bigger projects still to do

  • make doors for bedrooms
  • baseboards for bedrooms
  • framing around doors as transition from one room to the other.
  • Foundation anchors
  • Lenght of remaining water pipe replacement
  • Long term dreams

    • Central heat/air
    • Greywater
    • Wood doors and finish up the wood trim

    2013 Done list

    • toilet seat
    • Additional garden gate ([of the first one in progress])
    • Fix the door bell
    • Add pull-string switches to and install the closet lights
    • Re-run the wire for the kitchen sink lights
    • Staple a lot of Romex
    • Run the front porch light wires
    • Install additional living room light, with dimmer.
    • Additional socket in the garage for the fridge.
    • Fan/Heater/Light for the bathroom
    • Finish the supplement box/cabinet.

    Up to 2012 Done List

    • Crawl space vapor barrier
    • Crawl space insulation
    • Replaced Knob & Tube wiring on lighting circuits with Romex
    • Cedar lined closets.
    • Built a workshop.
    • Re-plumbed all feed lines with PEX.
    • Replaced water heater.
    • Installed a hot water recirculator.
    • Added an automatic irrigation system in the front and back.
    • New sink and vanity in laundry area.

    2010 Done list

    • Doors on kitchen pantry

    2009 Done list

    • Crawl space vapor barrier
    • Crawl space insulation

    2008 Done list

    • Called: Schedule new electrical panel installation. Done!
    • Called:Figure out roof situation and schedule and arrange for replacement. In progress!
    • Examine rain gutters
    • Back left - cleared downspout, replaced section at bottom.
    • Back right of center - looks okay for now, should have supports examined
    • Left of entrance
    • Flashing for gates - removed gate post in back left.
    • Touch-up paint in back/south-facing wall
    • Caulking - above ext. window trim - ext windows appear to be already caulked
    • Get a drain stopper for tub
    • Front railings - strip, paint, and reduce spacing to 4" on railings. replaced with Massaranduba front rails.
    • upgraded 2008-05-16 A few more door shots our front door.
    • Water heater flexible connections
    • Bring water heater overflow and vent to code vent looks okay, overflow cleared.
    • Plates & screw-jack for broken beam
    • Change lock cores
    • Doors replaced front and rear, painted interior doors

    A day or more planning needed

    Before pictures

    Here are the "before" images stolen off of Jim Michaelsen's page


    Home Automation Projects

    Jann recommends http://www.machomestore.com/ as a vendor for Z-wave products.

    Projects we've talked about:

    Garage door controller

    Takes me getting the gertboard hooked up right.

    Strike plates on the front door

    Might have channels on the gertboard still open.

    Bathroom light

    Turn on the correct bathroom light (dim vs bright). Other possibilities here: Accomodate state information on the heater and the vent fan.

    Need to:

    • Sense state of hallway light
    • Understand time of day
    • Have pushbutton controller for light


    We had Dennis McMahon (707) 792-0552 refinish our hardwood floors, and we're outrageously happy with the results!

    Carl Dryer painted our house, and we're ecstatic with the results!

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