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Google's attempts to insert "AI" into every orifice through anti-patterns that get accidentally invoked is going just great. Image reads "Related insights: key points from this page: unable to generate key points from this page."

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Holy crap, these Roland Emmerich disaster movie trailers are getting terrifying.

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Sigh. It's "the smell of gasoline" weekend* in Petaluma, and the increase in careless driving has commenced. Gotta hunker down at home or get out of town this weekend. * "Salute to American Graffiti", which means lots of carbureted engines, unburned hydrocarbons, and even more than usual care needed in sidewalks. And squealing tires.

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I'm so old, I remember when web developers tried to get a page's initial load size under 40k so that readers would see content in less than 30 seconds... Now "Waiting for www.google-analytics.com..." is up long enough for me to look around a bit, get bored, grab a screenshot, and post snark.

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I'm hearing a lot of chatter about various encrypted messaging systems, and I want to adapt the first system that makes it easy for me to: * set up a server that uses my domain. * pipe incoming messages to processes, and send from my system. * retrieve and read my messages on a variety of devices. In other words, give me the basic functionality that email used to have. And we can solve the spam problem with something like Brian Warner's PETMail proposal, though cryptologically verified senders will help with that.