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Seeing a lot of people condemn Harrison Butker's speeches, but not a whole lot of people pointing to the college administrations that hired him for commencement speeches, knowing *exactly* what he was going to say. And, like, the Catholic schools, sure, they're dedicated to suppression of women and covering for child abusers, I get that, but Georgia Tech? Can you imagine being a woman and a student there knowing the administration signed off on that?

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In a speech to the CALLERLAB convention recently, Ted Lizotte (and the Board of Governors) suggested coalescing the Basic 1 & 2, SSD, Mainstream, and Plus square dance programs into just MS and Plus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUaSE0LbyvE Feeling very much like we need a few more callers in this area so I can just dance, and continue exploring my voice by finding a band to sing with. Calling is fun, but but I don't think square dancing is the activity to build my community around.

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Yesterday's LLM goofiness, and various stuff about the value of "prompt engineering", is definitely a window into how much humans will contort their own mechanisms for interaction in order to support the social biases around them.

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facebook: because a laugh reaction on that meme 2 months ago when it was fresh, and from a friend, definitely means you want to see it fourteen gazillion times from every content thief who reposts it without attribution for the rest of time, while actual friends are posting life updates that get buried.