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I occasionally wonder if I'm falling behind on software development process stuff, but every time I read a book on the topic it feels like it's rehashing stuff that was pretty settled 40 years ago (and coming to the same recommendations, which, still, nobody's actually implementing). Which... walking by the movie theater shows that they're rehashing TV shows from 40 years ago, so maybe I'm not falling behind. I do need to catch up on syntax, but doing that for all of the languages is tiring.

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A WKWebView in one window silently failed to load a .css file from the app bundle. All of the other web views in other windows configured identically were fine. So that's fun. I miss when computing at least tried to be deterministic.

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More goslings!

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Friend described their use of LLMs as "I use the GPS on my phone as merely a guide." As I hear people talking about using LLMs to do things like "summarize insurance documents", I suspect we're gonna see their metaphorical car towed out of the metaphorical mud before too long...