Clamp-On Router Table

With the introduction of the new workshop I've built a stand-alone Router table. This is here for archival purposes.

Current efforts

Since these pictures I've replaced the inset router with a Jessem Mast-R-Lift carrying a Porter Cable 7518. I still want to build a higher precision fence, but even this klunker works fairly well for fine adjustment if I loosen one end and tap it. I've also drilled a few holes so that I can screw additional blocks of wood on from the back, specifically for things like a split fence for edge jointing.

  Back when we first got our Festool products I built a router table. Rather than using the snazzy new Festool OF1010, I used my old Craftsman 1.5HP beast. Huge difference in tools, but when bolted to a hard surface and used with hearing protection the Craftsman is tolerable, at least until we decide to spring for a Porter-Cable or a Triton with built in lift.

  The router cable clamps on to the top of the Festool MFT 1080 table, and when I'm not using the router I can lean the thing up against the wall.

  It's got a slot in the back of the support rails that the clamps slide into.

  underside of the router table, showing dust extraction routeNote the 1/2" threaded rod joiners which happen to be exactly the right size to fit in the table holes (they're bolted in from the top, and then sealed in with epoxy), and the slices in the rear of the main support beams which will take the through-table clamps, at least until I can find or build knobs with 1/2" bolts to use the threaded couplers.

The dust-collection is still "in-progress", probably going to wait 'til we get a real solid router.

For assembly, I made sure that the bolts in the lengthwise pieces fit the holes, cut and fitted the cross pieces, then glued just the cross pieces to the board (with the length pieces fitted, but unglued), upside down, with some monster weights on the cross pieces. Then I applied glue to the lengthwise pieces and put the whole thing on the table so that the alignment would be precise while the glue dried.

Gaps are routed out of the plastic on the coating so that the glue sticks. Have I mentioned that I love the OF 1010 EQ router and the guide rails?

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