router table

The actual build content that was formerly here has been moved over to Clamp-On Router Table.

I've built a stand-alone table with a StarBoard top, and a Jessem Mast-R-Lift carrying a Porter Cable 7518. There are improvements I want to make to the fence (which isn't finished yet), and I need to rout some channels in the top for sleds jigs and featherboard clamps.

Notes here for that.

Notes on building one

The Incra Universal Positioning Jig looks really cool, but now I'm back into "Dave Gingery" mode, wondering what I can build myself. For precision alignment, if you get the slider working okay, I'm wondering how accurate a 32 TPI hacksaw blade is. If that's crossed with a utility knife blade (or other sharp hardened steel), that might make a good 1/32" indexer.

Also need to haunt the bargain bin for some cheap tape measures to take apart and screw down for guides. Or just use the inkjet printer!

Incra Also makes the Incra Ultra router table positioning jig which looks even cooler (at double the price).

Also worth noting: #6, #8 and #10 fine bolt threads are 32TPI, which might make a good indexing system.

Jeff Greef's Benchtop Router Table plans show a laminated and machined top. Even if the laminated bench surface isn't necessary, the machining technique is worth filing away.

Rather than routing through gaps for the rail guides, the rail could be clamped on the ends of the table.

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