2008-11-17 Busy weekend

  new closet door, with new door handles It was a busy weekend at 10 Mission Drive, Petaluma CA.

We installed a new back door, replacing the old peeling hollow core plywood door with a fiberglass door (since it's a south-facing door, we decided against going with the same oiled Mahogany and Massaranduba look that we're doing on the front).

We replaced all the door handles with the new Schlage "Champagne" levers, to match the front door.

I took off all the front trim, re-oiled it and the front door, and replaced it with full caulking.

We cleaned up the dust and construction debris from the new hall closet, and installed the new door. Had a moment of "gulp" because I'd bought the full 1" pre-built door frame material and had no room for shimming, but everything fit no problem.

On Sunday, we got on one of the tandems and rode down around the marshes and along the river, and then up to the airport. Stopped in at the pilot's lounge to check in a phonebook to see if we could find the home of some people Charlene's parents knew when she was young, found the house but nobody home.

Charlene did all sorts of reworking of the garden and planting winter crops. We should have kale, carrots, radishes, and maybe some new chard soon.

Forest came over, wanted to blow something up. After last time, I was a little nervous about spooking the neighbors, so I thought "well, let's put it under water". So we filled a wastebasket with water, tied a 2 liter soda bottle to a couple of bricks, pumped it up to 150PSI, and took an 8 foot long strip of plywood with a screw driven through the end of it to pop the bottle.

When the water cleared, the wastebasket was destroyed, splayed open like a banana peel, the bottle, of course, was completely unrecognizable, and, after a few seconds, something clattered and tumbled on the top of the shed roof. We started taking stock of the destruction and realized that about a foot of the end of that plywood strip, complete with 3" screw driven through it, was what came tumbling down way over there.

Forest couldn't understand why I was reticent to blow anything else up this evening. Alas, the camera was in a weird mood, so, no video.

Oh, and we're experimenting in the kitchen, did the persimmon and chocolate "gelato"s from the Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klein Raw cookbook, turned out a bit grainy, there'll be further experiment.

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