2011-05-01 More Boat Building

Pictures by Dan Lyke, Andy Lyke, Art Hofmann, Carl Swartz, and Tom Segura's wife. And I may add some by Bill Taft shortly.

  Wood Ducks 1 waits for the start

  At Wood Ducks 2, Paul and Tom start cutting the bottom plate

  The hull starts to take shape

  Paul and Tom fitting the sides


  Andy, Paul and Tom fitting the sides

  Marking the depth of the sides

  Cutting the freeboard


  More competition

  Wood Ducks 1 boat starts to take shape

  More competition

  Sides in place, side braces finished, now to do the bow and start the detailing

  The Flying Monkey team built this amazing kickass paddlewheel boat

  The Cosco Busan begins to take shape. These guys were clearly trying for the Titanic award, and it was a valiant effort and a shame they didn't make it.

  Arched top on the transom

  Putting in the braces in the rear

  More competition. Cool boat, but note the amount of rocker. With no skeg these guys won't track worth a damn.

  Skeg installed, planing out the side joints

  Polishing the whole thing up

  Many boats covered their hulls in plastic. Though this may have done something for watertightness, it looked like it added a whole bunch of drag, and trapped a lot of water between the plastic and the hull.

  More competition

  Still more competition

  The Cosco Busan gets painted

  Still more competition

  The Wood Ducks 1 takes shape


  Christened: The Rancho Cotati Yot Klub

  The first set of races was run in 3 heats. Launch off the boat launch ramp, when the first group got to the end of the ramp, they launched the second. In between the two ramps it was a madhouse. This has implications for boat design: The rowers were super powerful, but if they got trapped had to pull oars from the oarlocks. I got clear of the crowd and pulled as hard as I could, and was shocked to hear the timekeeper call out that I came in second overall, passing all but one of the first launch.   And in final round, I got out front and stayed at my aerobic limit.

  The Medal Ceremony

  Signed transom

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