2008-02-01 Life is unfair

  Helping some folks out here in Orem Utah, staying in Provo. I landed at SLC at almost midnight, they didn't have a subcompact rental car, but I'd been told to upgrade to something 4WD, and hadn't gotten to it, so I said "if you've got one...", and they gave me a Nissan Murano. I'd have liked something with a little more than 4,000 miles on it since I was about to drive over a pass on an interstate in a moderately heavy snow storm, but such is life, so I took off on to I-80 West, thence to I-15 South, past the police cars guarding at least one truck that had spun around and ended up on the shoulder facing backwards, and got a safe stopping distance behind a semi to cruise down to Provo.

I have "a thing" for mountains. I have trouble looking at views like this and not trying to scramble up the gullies to see the views from the peaks. After the first day at the office, an all-day intensive in which I absorbed all sorts of information about the business processes and IT needs of the company in question, I bailed out at 4 and drove over through Provo Canyon, to Sundance, wandered around enjoying the calm, had a marvelous dinner at the Foundry Grill, I highly recommend the pork chops with the broccoli and yams, and drove back.

Life is profoundly unfair, and if I can keep it unfair in this direction I'm doin' good.


Yesterday evening I went and wandered around downtown Provo, and as much as the mountains are spectacular, I realized why I'm lucky to live in Petaluma: There's actually stuff going on downtown, there are places where people gather to just randomly socialize, and everything isn't spread out to the malls. So I drove further south to the mall to wander around that, watched 'em shoot a scene from the (apparently) forthcoming HBO movie American Mall, had a chain sort of dinner, and went back to hang out in the hot tub for a bit and do some writing and coalescing of notes.

Today, more work, driving to the airport for a flight that should let me be all the way home by about midnight.

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