Wheatless Pancakes

[Image:GlutenFreePancakesInPan.jpg|thumb|Gluten free pancakes in a frying pan that can be covered to help steam to make sure that the meringue/soufflé is cooked through] There are two levels of gluten intolerance. One is "digestion discomfort", the other is apparently something more like anaphylactic shock. Charlene's in the former category, and also likes to avoid refined carbs in general, so I don't get totally hung up on gluten free cooking.

But occasionally Charlene likes pancakes or biscuits with breakfast.

I'd been playing with Bob's Red Mill Wheat Free Biscuit & Baking Mix, but the recipe on the box kept giving me these dense little biscuits, and since the garbanzo flour is a primary ingredient, I kept wondering why I wasn't just eating felafel with jam.

But I realized that texture changes a lot, so I decided to try mixing the baking mix with a soufflé technique, and ended up with a fairly nice light airy pancake that was close in flavor and texture to what I look for in a pancake.

The critical issues in cooking it was that the meringue/soufflé doesn't cook through the way that you'd expect a normal pancake to cook. My solution to this was to use a covered pan and let the pancake steam slightly, still giving that golden brown on each side, but cooking the centers through.

{| border="1" |+ Ingredients ! Quantity !! Unit !! Ingredient |- | 2 || || eggs |- | 2/3 || cup || Rice Dream |- | 1 || cup || Bob's Red Mill Wheat Free Biscuit & Baking Mix (rice & garbanzo flours, xanthan gum, baking powder) |- | 1/2 || tsp || Baking Powder |}

Separate the eggs, beat the whites (I added a touch of cream of tartar), then whip the yolks and the Rice Dream. Beat the flour & baking powder into the yolks and rice dream, then fold into the whites.

It's almost like a soufflé.

Cook in a frying pan with a lid with a fairly low heat (because the lid will raise the surface temperature of the oil/butter dramatically), take the lid off for a minute or two at the end of cooking so that the pancake dries out a bit and doesn't feel steamed.

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