Vitamin supply chain

Random notes trying to figure out the vitamin and supplement supply chain business... Note to my mom and anyone else who might be looking at or editing this: The red links we have no info on, the purple and blue links that don't look like URLs (ie: MannaTech) are internal to this site and contain more information as we find it.

FDA/USDA regs and definitions

More notes

MannaTech uses New Era and Carrington

Nutraceutical International owns a ton of brands.

Natrol is a contract manufacturer with its own brands

Douglas Labs is a contract manufacturer with its own brands

From GNC's DHA-0mega-3 is from Monsanto

From Forbes Medi Tech is a contract manufacturer of products containing Reducol for Designs For Health

Designs For Health also uses National Enzyme Company, from the Google summary of although I can't find that relationship on the actual page as I see it right now.

Now Foods claims to be a manufacturer, also uses Chromium Chelavite trademark from Albion Labs

Vitamin Shoppe

  • Ajinmoto: contract manufacturer?
  • Companies my mom has suggested looking at

    * Innate Response home page at * New Chapter home page at , owns the Zyflamend trademark * Perque home page at * Progressive Labs home page at * Premier Research Labs and Quantum Nutrition Labs are related to Bob/Robert Marshall