Resawing with Festool circular saw

We've got a bunch of maple, some of which has some interesting figure on it, and I was going to try to use it for some panels. I don't have a bandsaw, so book matching grain patterns requires some other solution, but I think I've got one: Use the Festool MFT table to hold the board, and with careful alignment I can cut 2" deep from either side to resaw 4" thick lumber.

  First, I started by measuring the blade kerf.   Next, I started by moving the rail down along the end of the table, and clamped the board in place. Note the spacer under the rail, I wanted to raise up the board so I wasn't cutting the clamped section.   I measured the board thickness, at a couple of places.   Then I set up the rail so that the saw would cut down the middle of the board   I found that a light mallet helped me to fine tune the rail adjustment.   When I'd cut the first side, I flipped over the board, placed spacers in the gap. The spacers were a little large, which was the wrong thing to do, I should have tried to match the kerf directly.   The final boards. Alignment could be better, these will work with a few passes through the planer. Note also all the burning, this could be solved with some spacers that are the saw kerf thick at the top, and a little narrower at the bottom, so that the clamping tries to pull the new cut apart.

Category: Woodworking