Hands Masks

  Back in 2000, riffing on the various places in assorted mythologies that eyes-in-hands show up (Meuon mentioned "hamsa" and "fatima") I built an eye-in-hand mask.

This year (2013), Charlene and I both built our own eye-in-hands masks as updates, for Halloween. I got mine carved, and Charlene pointed out that I'd make it more creepy, and get a better stigmata reference out of it, if I did a blood drop. So I grabbed a small piece of purpleheart and carved that into a drop, and glued that on:

  Image:2013-10-28HalloweenOutfits.jpg   Image:2013-10-25HandsMask.jpg   Image:2013-10-30CarvedHands.jpg

Category: Woodworking