2015-05-26 IAGSDC Convention

Back from the 2015 IAGSDC Square Dance Convention in St Louis Missouri.

Dan Lyke2015-05-20 06:12:40+0000

Off for a week to the IAGSDC square dancing convention in St. Louis MO. Not taking a computer. See y'all either there, or after.

Dan Lyke2015-05-20 16:42:31+0000

Metrolink train interchange at the St Louis airport: "we built this infrastructure for cars first"

Dan Lyke2015-05-20 17:23:13+0000

  This sign is prominent and two sided. The actual bus stop sign is more obscure.

Dan Lyke2015-05-20 17:49:43+0000

  First view of the arch

Dan Lyke2015-05-20 17:54:01+0000

Missouri drivers are so nice, they tap their horns to let you know they won't so much as swerve to avoid you in a crosswalk.

Dan Lyke2015-05-20 18:44:28+0000

People wonder at California's real estate prices, Californians are shocked at other people's produce prices.

Dan Lyke2015-05-20 20:58:02+0000

  I understand how this came to be this way, but...

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 08:32:50+0000

  Citygarden. Love this blobby guy with his robot and mallet

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 08:38:39+0000

  Honoring city leaders?

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 09:37:46+0000

  In front of the old courthouses

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 09:41:33+0000

  St Louis from the Arch

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 09:43:58+0000

  Lots of flood debris

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 10:02:20+0000

  A big difference between here and California: the spectacle here is man made

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 11:01:13+0000

  Looking up in the old courthouse

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 11:18:27+0000

  The doors in the old courthouse are all faux finish

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 12:44:23+0000

  Stopped by kids learning to circus

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 13:05:08+0000

  In the Union Station model railroad exhibit

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 14:51:46+0000

  Ceiling in the foyer of the St Louis Union Station Hotel

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 19:54:46+0000

Very tasty apple carmellita and banana creme torte for dessert at http://1111-m.com/

Dan Lyke2015-05-21 19:59:10+0000

Geez, I leave town for a day and a half, and y'all have an earthquake. Really, you need me to hold it together back there?

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 07:04:59+0000

  Cannot see this as a toast topping... uh, wait, that sounds like a bondage scene too...

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 08:54:08+0000

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 09:08:24+0000

Presumably offering something to run away and join...

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 09:12:41+0000

  Grand buildings in this neighborhood

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 09:18:29+0000

  Lots of cool sculpture around town

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 09:35:20+0000

  Stumbled across the Moto Museum, through the back of the Triumph Bar.

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 09:36:05+0000

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 09:41:46+0000

  The faux turbine intake makes this

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 09:43:31+0000

  Paging Larry Burton...

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 09:55:15+0000

  Czech 1927 design

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 10:08:45+0000

Cool bench!

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 11:01:01+0000

  Detail in some of the least expected places, on western Pershing Ave

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 11:24:33+0000

  Ate lunch sitting on the wall by this stop sign. The only people who even slowed came from the non-stop direction

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 11:36:19+0000

  Central West End has big 5 story brick apartment buildings, and these lush gated big house areas

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 12:01:38+0000

  Stately old manses on Pershing Place. We could sell our cottage and buy one, but the upkeep...

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 12:04:33+0000

Seriously St Louis drivers? I will break no more s*** about "California stops". (Asterisks inserted by Google voice recognition)

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 12:15:23+0000

Reason to end Prop 13? $649k With $3310 property taxes. Back in CA we pay $4600+ on a circa $460k assessment.

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 12:36:19+0000

  Hanging our amongst the art at The Vino Gallery

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 13:16:18+0000

Yes, the humans just crossed the road to get a better view...

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 13:17:21+0000

  Yes, the humans just crossed the road to get a better view... (take 2)

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 13:55:10+0000

  Re-trying the "providing something to run away and join" from earlier

Dan Lyke2015-05-22 16:57:56+0000

  I think I figured it out, but sometimes "no" means...

Dan Lyke2015-05-23 08:33:15+0000

  Union Station

Dan Lyke2015-05-23 08:39:02+0000

  Naked men on fish

Dan Lyke2015-05-23 08:41:03+0000

  Naked women with fish. And Charlene.

Dan Lyke2015-05-23 08:47:53+0000


Dan Lyke2015-05-24 11:05:37+0000

  Being silly in the Plus room

Dan Lyke2015-05-24 15:46:38+0000

  Dressed for dinner

Dan Lyke2015-05-25 08:24:38+0000

  Planning for 4th of July weekend two years hence...

Dan Lyke2015-05-25 08:41:20+0000

  Breakfast and the annual IAGSDC meeting

Dan Lyke2015-05-25 08:43:19+0000

  Planning for 4th of July weekend two years hence... (take two)

Dan Lyke2015-05-25 09:45:07+0000

Weird: both Charlene and I lost all the pictures from the "Camera" folder on our phones yesterday. Possible Android bug?

Dan Lyke2015-05-25 09:46:21+0000

  Trying again with the palms and springs

Dan Lyke2015-05-25 14:28:52+0000

  Palm Springs

Dan Lyke2015-05-25 16:17:32+0000

If you do nothing else this Memorial Day relevant to it, take a moment to re-read and ponder In Flanders Fields http://www.greatwar.co.uk/poems/john-mccrae-in-flanders-fields.htm

Dan Lyke2015-05-25 19:14:45+0000

In order to thrive, a culture needs to be more like a garden than a shrine.

Dan Lyke2015-05-26 05:10:13+0000

Waiting for the shuttle for the train to the airport. Apologies to @lisarokusek that we didn't meet up, but it was a full, fun convention.

Dan Lyke2015-05-26 05:29:10+0000

  Please avoid exuberant athleticism.

Dan Lyke2015-05-26 06:21:07+0000

Dude, the popped collar? Meh. On a suit jacket? Uhhhh...

Dan Lyke2015-05-26 07:53:02+0000

  Without the "tornado shelter" text, this icon by the bathroom would mean something completely different

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