2015-02-02 Update

On Saturday, we got a call that there was a freezer full of food that would be advantageous to everyone if we retrieved from Lake County, so we drove there and back (including taking the long way so that we didn't have to take too many curves with an upright freezer in the back of the truck), with Forest, who will be staying with us for a while.

We had 5 adults on the freezer, with a hand truck, to get it into the truck. We have 3 adults, one of whom isn't terribly strong, with no hand truck, to get it off the truck and into place. This evening is going to be an interesting logistical challenge. May end up using a hand truck, but may also end up sliding it on plywood.

On Sunday, we went to a Non-Violent Communication (NVC) workshop led by Miki Kashtan over in Oakland. Interesting, took some good things away from it, also very open to the argument that this is a set of language patterns that can easily become manipulative.

Dinner at Picanté in Berkeley, I'd forgotten about East Bay food: Yum!

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