2015-01-03 Etching Practice

So with the expanded window, we needed to obscure some of the glass. I thought "Oh, let's go to Michael's, get some stencils and etching acid, and put some patterns on it". Charlene heard that and thought "Let's put pictures of my favorite childhood camping spot on all the available glass".

Including the $700 shower doors.

So now we're practicing. A lot.





Started with the Harbor Freight "air eraser", which is kind of a sandblaster airbrush. The docs said it could run 60 grit, so I bought a box of 80 grit (and it came with a small container of 150 grit). The 80 grit clogged it, and it ran a very fine line. So I went back and got the $25 suction feed gun, and that's what we're playing with now. Using ductape as a resist, we definitely need to find some vinyl, the fibers in the tape are a pain.

And I'm thinking about trading in the noisy small compressor for a 10CFM 70dB compressor...

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