2013-09-09 Kitchen Progress

About a month ago, in a fit of insanity, Charlene and I said "let's go figure out the appliances we want to replace our refrigerator and dishwasher with". So we did, and then we ordered them.

They arrived and have been cluttering up the garage because our kitchen configuration didn't have room for them. Thus started the mad kitchen reconfiguration:

  We found a beautiful cast-iron sink on craigslist, for a bargain because there's a teeny-tiny little scratch somewhere around that orange dot. I couldn't find it. Charlene ordered an under-cabinet water filter to mount in one of those holes, the other two holes will be the faucet and a soap dispenser.

I started on the replacement cabinets.


While Charlene started getting the old kitchen out of the way:


This process took us several weekends, and then we ran up against the chimney. The house was originally set up for a wood stove, apparently (especially since the detritus we found in the chimney base, while not super bad, had bits I wouldn't expect to find from a gas stove venting).

I had no idea how heavy this was going to be. We talked to the contractor who is just refinishing reworking the house at #12 Mission, and he said "yeah, it's heavy". So after much talking things through, Charlene and I rigged up a sling to hold the chimney itself (we didn't know at the time, but it's a ceramic chimney contained within the metal tubing), and the concrete base.


Lowered the base out of there, it was probably 50 or 60 lbs, not huge, so I was feeling pretty good about the whole progress. Still didn't know there was all that ceramic lurking in the chimney. Rigged up another Munter hitch on the webbing, and brought that sucker down.

  And we need to do a dump run shortly.

More as things start to actually come together. This is getting old...

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