2013-07-20 Rivertown Revival

Boring Backstory

Back in 2011 I was part of a team that won the Bodega Bay Wooden Boat Challenge, and in 2012 we doubled the length of our boat and won it again and this year we executed that boat again, and won again, with craftsmanship that let one of our team take the boat home, paint it, and use it out on the river.

And we were told in no uncertain terms that if we did the same thing again next year there would be arbitrary handicaps applied.

Last year, Craig tried to do a sailboat and would have creamed us all except that he got dismasted on the jibe around the buoy, and I've been thinking about a sailboat. I'd taken our first year boat, added a sail rig, and swum in the Petaluma river because it didn't have enough beam, so I drew up plans for an "Opti" like hull, and was waiting for a chance to build it.

This year at Petaluma's Rivertown Revival, Jaimey Walking-Bear secured us space to build it, and Scott Andrews and I did.

The sail rig was re-used from my earlier experiment and didn't point high, and that big flat transom didn't hold the edge with the caulk, so I took a lot of water. But I think with a chine log this could be a good Q&D build design.


Pictures courtesy of Scott, Susan and Jaimey.


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