2012-12-18 Guitar Building

    Sunday morning Daniel was off partying with friends in San Francisco. I went out to the shop and did a bunch of shaping, and then Charlene and I went over to Tall Toad Music and, with the help of the very friendly staff there, dug through the basement 'til we found a case that looked like it'd handle the long neck and angled peghead fairly well.

Yesterday, I dropped by Friedman's on the way home and picked up a couple of different stains that we thought would make the quilting in the maple pop just a little bit. We laid out a couple of samples on all 5 of the woods we were going to be playing with, chose the best compromise, and with a deep breath we applied it:


Next up: Many coats of rub-on polyurethane. We're going with poly rather than varnish because it's a finish that we can do a reasonable job with at home, and because I like rubbed finishes.

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