2012-12-15 Update

  Unclamped it, flipped the back over, and Daniel machined the back flat.

    And then it was carefully cutting around the outside with the jig saw, clamping the template back to the guitar, and routing with a follow bit to the template.

  There's the guitar cut-out with the truss rod set in place.

  I screwed up and cut the previous fret board short. So we sat down to make another fret board, and, with a little thinking and the experience of having done the previous inlay, we now knew what to do to make the diamond inserts that Daniel actually wanted. I set up the Festool MFS jig and let Daniel go at routing little diamonds, and we set the inlay.

  Then this morning I cut the fret slots and put a coat of finish on the fretboard. I was amazed at how much the hard and oily Comatillo we used for this pass sucked up the polyurethane.

  Laid it out to see what it looked like.

  And that was sexy enough that we laid it out again with the hardware on it.

  After the rest of the afternoon shaping and cutting holes, we glued on the fret board before Daniel went off to hang out with friends in SF for the evening.

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