2012-12-12 Guitar Building

  I don't think we got this picture of Daniel fitting the fretboard pips in the last update, so here it is.

  We had a little miscommunication over marking and cutting on the peghead, so although we liked the shape of this one, the top bit wasn't quite wide enough and we had to scrap it. It's just as well, because once we got the actually tuning machines in we discovered that the ¾" spacing that Daniel spec'd for this peghead wouldn't really work anyway, we're up to a full inch on the new one.

  The truss rod groove was carefully routed on the router table. We'll have to revisit the end of this on a routing sled (pictured below) once the peghead is glued up.

  And here's the glue-up of the new peghead.

  With the neck mounted on the routing sled, we carefully glued the peg head on and clamped it. One of those big "point of no return" steps.

  And Daniel ran the Dominos to finish the body glue-up, and we glued the bottoms on to the body segments.

Tonight Charlene and I go square dancing, I hope that Daniel can unclamp things and possibly start to rough cut the shapes of the body today. We should probably use a larger Domino for aligning the body to the neck (and Daniel needs to hold the Domino machine a little more tightly, our slots are ending up just a hair too narrow), and I haven't shown him how to switch that bit out yet, so that'll be a two-of-us operation.

And I'm going to need to do the setups for cleaning up the peghead to neck attachment and the rest of the truss rod slot in the neck.

At that point we can drill the wiring hole through the body, glue-up the body, route the pickup cavities, glue on the fret board, and start shaping!

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