2012-07-29 Boating Up The Petaluma River

  The week before last, we hosted Charlene's developmentally disabled brother Alan, then Charlene had assorted other things that took her out of town, and she called from Sacramento about noon saying "I'm on may way home, let's take the boat out for a cruise".

There was no wind, so I quickly set about building an oar rig for the boat, but by the time we got home there was a little bit of a breeze, so we took the oar rig over to the Sheraton launch ramp, spent a few hours tacking up the river to the turning basin in downtown Petaluma, had dinner at Thai Issan, and made the long downwind run back to the Marina. Wind was light, and we pushed a few tacks too far and ended up running the lee board into the mud a couple of times, but it was quite a pleasant sail.

As we turned around the swing bridge we saw movement aboard the Makoto, Scott and Susan's 34' Stephens cruiser (Scott's got a huge thread on restoring her over on the Wooden Boat forums), so we sailed over, got a tour of the boat (first time I've been on it while it's in the water!), and then, because the wind was completely gone (though the moon was full), rowed back to the launch ramp.

At the launch ramp, I lost one of my oarlocks. The problem with using scraps of dense decking wood that don't float. Damn. I think I like the oars, they were less of an "in the way" than I expected, so I may end up building permanent versions of them. Although the discussion of the next boat continues, and oars would probably not be practical on that... And rebuilding the oar locks will give me a chance to make the cavity round so that I can feather the oars.

And we also need a way to tie the mast down, as it got pulled up out of the bottom socket twice.

Direct link to the KML file of the sail, a link to the KML on a Google map page, or wait a moment for it to load on the map:

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