2012-06-28 Retracting Clamp Rack

I had this roll-around card with a bunch of bar clamps on it that just wasn't working for me. It took too much room, heavy clamps were falling off of it and threatening to puncture surrounding objects (shop walls, tools, people).

Charlene had the brilliant idea of making the clamps retract into the ceiling. Last night we tested a prototype, not totally comfortable with it yet but it's getting there:

  Image:2012-06-28ClampRack0.jpg   Image:2012-06-28ClampRack1.jpg   Image:2012-06-28ClampRack2.jpg   Image:2012-06-28ClampRack3.jpg   Image:2012-06-28ClampRack4.jpg   Image:2012-06-28ClampRack5.jpg

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