2012-05-31 Workshop Progress

Haven't updated this for a while, figured I should.

Called in the final for both permits on 2012-05-21, got the final on the electrical, Jerry (the inspector) wanted to see the eaves painted, a landing no more than 7¾" below the door sill and extending out at least 3' from the face of the door, and the dirt on the roof for the final on the structure. Alan, Morgan and Jake came over and primed the eaves and built the landing.

I went to Harbor Freight, picked up an electric winch, and built a device to hoist the dirt to the roof:

Got a truck load of gravel for the edges, and then got distracted by the process one morning before work and hoisted the gravel to the roof:


Got half the dirt yesterday, raised half of that to the roof, expect Alan and Melita will raise the other half up today and got another truck load scheduled for this afternoon.

So: With painting the eaves, we should be ready for the final inspection next week. We're a little late in the season for planting, but need to get something up there shortly, and we need to hook in to the irrigation system so that I don't have to hand water stuff.

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