2012-05-28 Boat Building

Blessed are the queue jumpers, for they fill a 3 day weekend and leave our hands covered in glue:

  Image:2012-05-28CharleneAndSailboatHull.jpg   Image:2012-05-27CharlenePlaningSailboatChine.jpg

Charlene and I started construction on the hull this weekend, in luan and redwood. We think we're building a fairly robust hull, but we are going to glass the seams, and we'll probably end up building a few extra ribs to brace the bottom a little more robustly.

We got the sides cut and fitted, and the bottom glued on but not yet trimmed. There'll be a bunch of scraping to remove squeeze out, because we want to varnish or oil the inside, but the hull is starting to come together.

In other news, Alan, with help from Jake and Morgan, primed the inside of the eaves of the workshop and built a landing for the door. I've also got much of the lift to get the dirt to the roof constructed.

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