2012-04-28 Boat Building Student Team

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I'm not sure about the order of these pictures. My mom took most of the pictures, we had some camera issues, and the very first picture appears to be me holding a block plane, working on a paddle handle, with the Rancho Cotate High School students that we were working with in the background:


We'd trained the Rancho Cotate students on the full-length boat we built, but years of woodworking practice meant that we were shooting really high with them. At the last build session, when only Tyler showed up, we backed off to the design we built last year, which is what they started to built, and yet...


So there's a lot that they weren't comfortable with. Joey, the perfectionist, was very uncomfortable that the boat didn't have the side flare, and the stern plate was put in all wrong, and occasionally one of us would duck over from our build area to theirs and help clean up an angle, but in the end Tyler managed to power through the course, and I'm actually surprised that he wasn't one of the first two finishers in the first heat. Although, admittedly, the competition this year was pretty fierce.





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