2012-03-10 Heart Dovetail Fan

          We live in a fairly temperate climate. We run the heater a little during the winter, and though we have a window air conditioner stored in the attic, we rarely break out out. However, sometimes in the summer time it's just warm enough that it's nice to have a little fan going while we sleep.

I was finding that the noise from various fans had just enough something in the sound that it was waking me up. Charlene brought home a couple of allegedly "super quiet" fans, but many of those were more annoying to me than the cheap ones. Then I realized: I could just toss some computer muffin fans at the problem!

So I did. Which was fine. Although they were kind of set out at odd angles, and we kept tripping over the cord, and plugging and unplugging was a lousy way to switch the fan.

Whence this: Hand-cut (with the help of a drill press) heart dovetails, the back milled out on my milling machine. The pieces on that cross-bar slide back and forth as switches, you can turn on the middle one and the top and bottom independently. The whole fan assembly tilts.

Made of Maple and Koa.

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