2012-01-16 Workshop Progress

Back on January 2nd, Jake came over to help me run wallboard screws. Then he got bored with wallboard screws and ran a few lag screws. Then he got bored with that and played with other stuff, but I think he had fun and I made some progress:


Then I dug the electrical trench and ran #4 wire from the house panel, encased in schedule 80 PVC conduit, to the shop panel. It was a tremendously cool feeling to flick the switch and see the shop come alive.


Then my Dad came to visit, and while we were applying spackle Rob Grupé and his assistant, of Grupeé Bros heating and plumbing, installed the LG Art Cool heat pump. After a few coats of spackle we sprayed texture:

  Image:2012-01-11WorkshopHVAC.jpg   Image:2012-01-12FirstLayerOfSpackle.jpg   Image:2012-01-14WorkshopSprayTexture.jpg

And then yesterday I painted, installed the lumber rack, and started to move in. I still have the electrical inspection to go, I'll probably try to get that on Wednesday, and then a final inspection, but the building is basically up and watertight and I've got 6 months to do the final.


Today I build shelves.

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