2011-12-25 Yuba River Christmas

On Christmas day, Charlene and I went with Rose, Arlo and Daniel up to Bridgeport:


And hung out on a rock on a bend in the Yuba river:

  Image:2011-12-25YubaRiverDanAndCharlene1.JPG   Image:2011-12-25YubaRiverRoseArloAndDaniel.JPG   Image:2011-12-25YubaRiverBendHDR.JPG

Rose spotted an iPod in the shallows, underneath the ice in the eddy, so we went bobbing for Apples:

  Image:2011-12-25YubaRiverBobbingForApples0.JPG   Image:2011-12-25YubaRiverBobbingForApples1.JPG

We were, eventually, successful, thanks to Charlene's suggestion that we tie the Tupperware lunch container to a stick with my camera bag strap. As of our taking our leave last night, Arlo had not yet plugged it in to see if it worked, waiting to let it dry a little longer.

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