2011-11-24 Yosemite

If I never have to drive an RV into Yosemite Valley along route 41 from the south entrance again, that'll be just fine. However, we did get a little sightseeing in the valley yesterday. Traveling with a developmentally disabled adult means that we're at his schedule and limits rather than our own, but I did sneak in a few pictures.

  Looking north along the creek behind the Ahwahnee hotel. I know I've been there for a holiday dinner before, but the scene this year really struck me as some absurd parody of the gilded age, kids all dressed up playing on the lawn.

  Obligatory Bridal Veil Falls shot   Creek below Bridal Veil

And, of course, the usual views from the visitor's center.

  Image:2011-11-24HalfDomeThroughTrees.JPG   Image:2011-11-24YosemiteFallsA.jpg   Image:2011-11-24YosemiteFallsD.jpg

Tried to do an HDR, not sure it worked:


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