2011-11-24 Oakhurst

Monday night: Right before the 4H meeting with the Family Build Night kids, Charlene learned that her emergency attentions were needed in Fresno to deal with some transitions in the life of Alan, her developmentally disabled brother. So we got back in the car and drove into early Tuesday morning.

It's now Thursday. Yesterday we picked up the rental RV and drove to the foothills. Oakhurst, CA, to be precise. We're staying at the Sierra Meadows RV Park, full hookups for a pittance.

Oakhurst is a couple of strip malls on the side of route 41:

  I can't tell if this is 50% off everything at Wood Choppers Supply, Yoko's Japanese Food, or... uh... yep, underneath that banner is a thrift store sign.

  Chinese food at the Dirty Donkey. Right.     Category: Dan Lyke life