2011-09-25 Workshop Foundation Progress

I need to get some clear plastic hose and fittings so I can build a water level to figure out 8" of foundation clearance from the highest point, and level the center portion.

But really, right now I'm at the point where I need some additional input from the contractor who's going to help me pour the slab, and to actually pull the permits. To this point it could be landscaping, but from here on out it's actually a building.

Hopefully Scott Parker, my engineer for this project, will have his mark on the drawings from American Truss Company early this week and I can take the whole packet down to city hall and get them to give me the go-ahead.

  Image:2011-09-25_Workshop_Foundation_Dug0.JPG   Image:2011-09-25_Workshop_Foundation_Dug1.JPG   Image:2011-09-25_Workshop_Foundation_Dug2.JPG

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