2011-09-20 Schooner Sultana Model Progress

Because I haven't posted pictures of anything for a while...

  Overview of the model as she sits, I think once I get the galley pipe painted and in place and put a second coat on that little cupboard that sits forward of the tiller the name of which I forget right now, I can start on the rigging.

  I'm unsure of the right thing to do with the tiller and the steps down belowdecks. On the one hand I don't want acres and acres of "golden oak" stained basswood, on the other hand I'm thinking the addition of unpainted color to the model may be too busy.

  I didn't get a picture of the quarter marquees here, I'm not totally happy with them, but they read, and they read a lot better than the castings that were supplied with the kit. Similar with the aforementioned cupboard thingie, I got a nice crisp detail along the bottom of that that didn't read at all in the supplied castings

  If I ever get sucked into a project like this again I'll be doing more cutting router planes out of brass to get the moulding trim just right. In this case I cut it freehand with an exactu knife, but I should have done similar on the upper longitudinal trim pieces (that parallel the wales along the side of the boat), and the right way to do that would have been to file a double roundover into brass and scrape it.

  The black trim needs a brush up, but if you start to get back a little bit a lot of the details start to blend into something that's not museum quality, but will make a nice office conversation piece.

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