2011-06-04 Carving Cheap 2x2

    One of the struggles of Family Build Night is that we're not using power tools (except for drills). The other is that so far, we're mostly using cheap-ass wood. This means that I don't have a good baseline for what's possible. This was a particular struggle with a project an adult participant recently, where I just didn't know what was possible, so I didn't know to what levels I should be able to spur him on.

This morning I sat down with the same tools we take to Family Build Night, with some 2x2 scrap left over from last night, and decided to play with a possible leg for a small table. Not sure how to introduce this to the scene, I don't want it to be a dick-waving "look what I can do", I want it to be a "here's what's possible in an hour or so if you focus."

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