2011-05-12 Dear Mayor Glass

A short piece for discussion at the next Club Aqus Dinner with the Mayor:


What can we do about the littering in Petaluma? In my neighborhood, even when I leave the recycling bin out on the street in front of my house, I'll often come home to a phone book on the front porch, or a Press Democrat, in plastic wrapping, thrown into my driveway. I suppose the Press Democrat people are being lazy, I mean, it says "free" but it takes me time and energy to move it to the recycling bin, but the phone book deliveries they have to walk up and place it on my porch, even when the recycling bin is right there.

Okay, less tongue-in-cheek: I believe Seattle just implemented an opt-out delivery registry for instant recycling like phone books and free versions of the Press Democrat. It sounds as though it's self-funding; people who deliver such things in Seattle need to register with the city and pay a fee for a license, otherwise they can simply be prosecuted for littering.

How about cleaning up Petaluma with a program like that?

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