2011-03-17 Helicopter Ride

  Charlene in the left seat   The Angelo Air Robinson R44, with us in front of it Charlene really enjoys helicopter flight, so this year for her birthday I called up Matt Angelo and he took us on a flight out over western Sonoma, around the top of the Point Reyes peninsula, down Tomales Bay, and back to Petaluma. I think Charlene's gonna find a way to sneak in some lessons and get her license...

  Doin' the Magnum PI thing along the Point Reyes cliffs   That's "elephant rock" on the bottom of this shot, doesn't look like it from the air, but that cave entrance, which is the way you hike through the point, is really pronounced and visible And ya know, I think it'd be kinda cool if she got her license, that way when we did those trips to Fresno she could be at the controls rather than me driving.

  All sorts of stuff is amazing from the air. This reservoir is somewhere south of the Marshall road, and north of the Nicasio reservoirs   Our house on the bottom left of that shot, the R44 is a pretty rough platform, and shooting zoomed out it was hard to tell what I was taking a picture of Really cool to get a different perspective on the terrain, too.

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