2011-02-13 Hill 88 Hike

Hike with Bill, Laura and Dave up Hill 88, with breakfast, adding Phil, at Murray Circle Restaurant, on the patio looking out over the green at Cavallo Point.

As we drove down towards Mill Valley, the fog was heavy and we thought the weather was going to suck, but we soldiered on towards Rodeo Beach anyway. Coming out of the one-lane tunnel under 101 going west, the weather cleared to gorgeous, with fog accenting the sky.

Up Hill 88

  Just because I haven't taken a picture recently of the rocks and surf

  The hills above Fort Cronkhite are scattered with the remains of old gun emplacements, bunkers, and even nuclear missile launchers. I need to put together some of the photos I have of the refurbished Nike missile launcher site, the summit of our hike, Hill 88, was once the location of the targeting radar for that silo and site.

[[Image:2011-02-13Hill88InTheFog1.JPG|frame|And the fog can make the hills quite interesting. In a previous hike we once took a wrong turn and ended up in a valley several miles away from where we'd hoped to be.]]

  climbing   At one of the old foxholes

[[Image:2011-02-13CleanedUpPlatformMountAtHill88.JPG|frame|There's substantial restoration and cleanup going on up at the top of the hill. The old rusting girders from previous visits are gone.]]

  and everything has a fresh coat of paint

  Looking north over the sea of fog to Mount Tam


  as the sun peeks over the ridge



  and, of course, the surfers were out


And then over to breakfast



  The Golden Gate Bridge peeking over the tops of the hills trhough the fog



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