2010-11-13 Bike Ride

Rode from Bloomfield out to the coast, around Bodega Bay, back up Coleman Valley, pastry stop in Occidental. From pedaling through western Sonoma, to the surf crashing along the rocks of the Pacific coast, to rolling hills that go on forever, to fast descents through the redwood groves, to hangin' at the Union Hotel with pastries and coffee in the incredibly quaint little town of Occidental, the whole day was one big "Wow. People fly in from all over the world to be tourists here. And I live here."

All the pictures taken from the bike. They're snapshots, not art.

GPS log of the path coming in a bit.

  Cemetary just coming out of Bodega   Riding up 1 along the coast   Starting the climb up Coleman Valley   An interesting dam(?) structure   Looking back towards the Pacific ocean   More looking back towards the Pacific   Hills and redwoods   More hills and redwoods   Even more hills and redwoods   At Coleman Valley Rd and Joy Rd, apparently the residents have tired of being asked "which way to the ocean"   Hangin' with pastries and coffee at the Union Hotel

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