2010-10-30 Landscaping

            The city of Petaluma offered a deal where they'd give you appropriate materials for sheet mulching, some drip irrigation components, and a discount of plants if you'd convert your water hungry lawn to something else. We decided that'd be a good idea, but our front lawn was smaller than the minimum area for delivery. Since our long-term plans include doing away with most of the back lawn we decided to do it all at once.

We had some plans drawn up by a local garden designer to give us a starting point on plants, and decided that we wanted a small flagstone patio out front on which we could put a table and chairs and eat dinners while conversing with the neighbors who walk by.

So we committed got a yard of compost and 5 yards of bark dumped in our driveway. This weekend was about making the driveway usable again. Here are pictures from Saturday, I'll try to take some pictures of how much I actually got done.

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