2010-07-13 Limestone Topped Outside Table

  What it looks like now   What the table used to look like Following some previous project, I had taken a block of limestone that we'd acquired somewhere, combined it with some cheap fir, and turned it into a basic table.

But it was always intended to be temporary, I was rather surprised that it lasted two years, so when it started to fall apart recently while my parents were visiting, I took this as a cue to do a project with my dad and we started making sawdust.

Used some hardwood from the scrap bin at Atessco, I'm actually not sure what it is: It's too dark colored to be teak, although it does develop that sandy surface feel, dense and heavy, but with very distinct grain, deep pores and lots of tiny splinters, unlike Ipé.

I used the angle grinder with a sanding disk technique from Andy's "Art Box" Tutorial #10, generated a hell of a lot of sawdust (use a respirator, filtered goggles, and solid hearing protection; trust me on this), and stopped when I realized that this was an outdoor project and I didn't have to take out absolutely all the tooling marks, nor was pore filling and sanding to a fine polish likely to get me anything.

Finished it with Penofin.


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