2010-05-09 Plate Frame

Working on a lighted plate frame for a fused glass plate that Alec and Zack and Jeanne made for us. Going to use LED rope light for the background.

  More clamping than I believed was possible, each of those segments got clamped with wedges, and then had two bar clamps across the wedged clamps to pull them together. Lather, rinse, repeat

  I was wondering how it was going to look, but once I put some finish on it everything popped.

You can tell Charlene's spoiled, because I made this out of some Massaranduba scraps, to conserve wood I cut the diagonals and flipped the alternates (and then didn't keep track of what came from where), and Charlene instantly saw that the grain wasn't consistent. Damn.


No matter how much you think that wooden track costs, it's probably actually cheaper than cutting it yourself out of ApplePlytm.


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