2010-01-31 Bike Ride

  A bit of a cheat, this was actually from the week before, but I thought it captured foggy west Sonoma pretty well. A barn along Chilleno Valley Road.

  As Highway 1 approaches Tomales Bay a creek opens out into this estuary around Nick's Cove

  Approaching the Marshall store, at least that's what those buildings are according to Google Maps and I don't remember the signs.

  The exotics were out in force, a clear day in western Sonoma and Marin and the Ferraris and Aston Martins were thick on the road. This one stood out, however, it's one of those old gull wing Mercedes roadsters

  The usual assortment of boats anchored in the bay

  Looking across Tomales Bay towards inverness

  Jennifer climbs a hill on the way into Point Reyes Station   Taking a breather, I think just on Hicks Valley Road right after Petaluma-Point Reyes Road

  And looking north from Hicks Valley Road to the nursery north

  Here was where I was starting to lose my steam, cranking up Wilson Hill

  And cows in the pasture as we cranked back along Wilson Hill Road or Chilleno Valley Road on the final few miles into town.

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