2010-01-19 Storm

I took a walk this morning, in the midst of the storm. Got soaking wet. Didn't take a decent camera, but did have the iPhone along.

I don't think these pictures capture just how much water was running off that roof:

  Image:2010-01-19_Storm01.JPG   Image:2010-01-19_Storm02.JPG   Image:2010-01-19_Storm03.JPG

High tide on the river, not the heaviest rain, note the mixing of the water from the run-off to the right (if you know where the Ghirardheli Barn is, I'm standing on the corner where that creek comes in at the end of F street, the brown spot in the river there is the outflow from that creek).


Looking up towards the drawbridge through the rain.


More high tide at the drawbridge


When I say that the worst punishment I can imagine for architects is to have them use their own buildings, this sort of crap is exactly what I mean. Who thought having major drains come down in the middle of pedestrian walkways is a good idea? Yeesh.


Storm drain emptying into the turning basin.


Looking down from where the walkway goes down from the pedestrian bridge to the dock, whatever drains under there was kicking some serious water!

  Image:2010-01-19_Storm09.JPG   Image:2010-01-19_Storm10.JPG

At I and 6th, a crew was working to clear a drain.


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