2009-12-13 Train around tree

The fold-town shelf form my Dad's S-gauge American Flyer model train is up around the tree, hanging off the wall. Video at YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUSR91yTdoc

This is the prototype, we're planning that the final piece will probably be Massaranduba, and be a lattice-work so that younger visitors can look up through the shelf and see it going around.

However, this was enough work that we'll probably just put edge-banding on it and give it a dark enough single finish to hide all the glue stains and leave it there 'til the higher precedence projects around the house get completed.

Remaining to do: Put in a hook rather than the L-bracket which is what I happened to have in the parts bin when I realized I didn't get enough hooks at the hardware store.


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