2009-11-21 24 Hours Of Lemons

  I thought the 15MPH sign at the entrance to Thunderhill was somewhat amusing, especially given that as we arrived vehicles were screaming by right quick


  Lots of breakdowns, and lots of frantic actions in the paddock   More breakdowns, the two guys hanging on the back of the fire engine managing slack in the tow line were either brave or foolhardy, I'm not sure which.

  Guys in Nomex suits keeping theings primed.   One of the cool things about this race was that there was a lot of action. Surprisingly, we didn't see any bent sheet metal.   As these guys slid sideways the other drivers managed to get around 'em really well.   And on the inside of turn 9 or 10, sometimes people ended up pretty stuck. When they got out they dragged mud all over the track which made the next turn even more exciting.

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