2009-06-16 State of the world

Just reconnected with an old friend from high school and figured I should copy the "where I'm at" entries I made on Facebook. Said friend and I cycled together a bunch, which is why the extra bicycling content:

Just celebrated 10 years of knowing my partner Charlene (we got married just under two years ago for tax purposes, but we're not generally "married" sort of people, so we celebrate other things).

I'm trying to ride more than I do, but I've got a Cannondale Six-13 and some amazing scenery out to the west of us, and no matter how many times I do it, pedaling down Highway 1 along side Tomales Bay in a tight paceline (preferably with a tandem pulling) from Marshall to Point Reyes Station doesn't get old.... Read More

My major hobby right now is fixing up the house, a little teeny tiny cottage in southwest Petaluma, California. Right now the shop has 16 partially sanded maple frames for some maple and mahogany cabinet doors I'm building for the kitchen, and I'm sketching and tearing up drawings for the cherry motif we want to do in the office.

The home office is where I work, right now I'm writing firmware for the next generation of a little paper cutting device called the Cricut, which you may have heard of if you know anybody who scrap-books.

Petaluma is on the south end of Sonoma county, of wine country fame, and the north end of San Francisco Bay (there's a tidal river that comes up... Read More to docks downtown). From American Graffiti days (it was mostly filmed here) to to the festivals celebrating locally made cheese and wine and what-have you, there's always something going on. If we get bored we either hop on one of our tandems or walk downtown.

I was volunteer coordinator for the Marin Century/Mt Tam Double in 2006 and 2007, but since we moved to the new house I've been riding less and dropped those responsibilities. I have, however, started getting involved in local government, looking at ways to make the functioning of the city government more understandable and transparent, and I'm ... Read Moretold that last night I was most likely appointed to a 2 year term on the city's Technology and Telecommunications Advisory Council. We'll see how that interferes with my ability to write cool apps to pull data from the city servers and visualize them different ways.

So, yeah, settled into a fairly mundane but comfortable life.

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