2009-04-26 Busy Weekend

    Busy weekend. On Saturday morning, our pallet of sod arrived on a semi-trailer, unloaded with a forklift, and we installed it and rolled it, set up the sprinkler to run.

Did a few other things, then returned the roller to the rental place, and headed over to the Butter and Eggs Day parade:


Saturday afternoon we wandered around the rest of the Butter & Eggs Day festivities, hit Copperfield's for a number of books, and went to see State of Play.

Sunday morning I did a few final tweaks to the curved shelf I built for my office, drove down to Corte Madera to order our copy of Either You're In Or In The Way from Book Passage so that we could git tickets to the June shindig, bought a whole bunch of plant starts, and came home so that Charlene could put them in the garden.

Installed the office shelf:


Pictures of the shelf during construction


And started gluing up the door frames for the kitchen.

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