2008-12-23 House Accomplishments

Some house stuff we've done this year:


Yard and Garden

  • Cleared out the shade structures in the back yard
  • Turned manure into the flower beds
  • Planted boysenberries, herbs, dwarf Meyer lemon, tomatoes, peppers, kale, chard, parsley, fennel, cabbage, brussels sprouts, carrots, peas
  • Installed pop-up automatic sprinkler system, in the front and back
  • Built a lattice for climbing plants
  • Installed wood for copper surfaces for snail control in the side flower beds
  • Removed Rhododendron from the front beds
  • Tore up plastic under flower and vegetable beds
  • Re-did bike shed so that it would fit in the shed structure
  • Built limestone and fir table
  • Built workbench

House Exterior

  • Installed a new front door
  • Built a new front entrance
  • Had roof replaced
  • Examine rain gutters, cleared downspouts, replaced section at bottom of back left
  • Removed fence and gate with rot in the back left
  • Painted and caulked the east wall.
  • Painted and caulked the south wall.
  • Filled hole and painted over old electrical connections on the west wall.
  • Replaced the back door
  • Had solar attic fan installed


  • Removed carpets, and had floors refinished
  • Pulled down faux paneling and painted living room
  • Put in a new closet, and installed cedar linings in that and Charlene's closet.
  • Put new shelves and tracks in the hall/bathroom closet.
  • Built and installed two of the new kitchen cabinets
  • Milled and finished baseboards for the living room and hallway.
  • Changed out all door handles and locks
  • Reworked Dan's old workbench into temporary entertainment center
  • Wiring

    • Ran phone wire to better place.
    • Had new electrical panel installed
    • Rewired socket in living room for air conditioner


    • Installed a hot water recirculator
    • Flexible connections, water and gas, to water heater.
    • Replaced kitchen faucet
    • Put in new shower head


    • Put up shelving in the garage
    • Put up new flourescents
    • Built the Systainer cart
    • Installed new router in the router table
    • Put up clamp racks


    • Installed jack under broken beam in crawlspace
    • Cleaned organic material out of crawlspace
    • Set up new sump pump pipes to outside.
    • Ran GFI connection for sump pump
    • Put insulation on hot water pipes.

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